During the old economy, financial advisors often spoke of the three-legged stool of retirement. One leg was save money, second leg was a company pension and third leg was social security.

The three legged stool supported the World War II generation, but not today in this technological information generation were the three legged stool of retirement is, one leg is Invest money, second leg is owner a business and third leg is conscious security.    

In this technological age the three legged stool that supported the World War II generation is becoming history and soon will have no legs. The old economy that worked in the World War II generation is not a guarantee that it will work today or the future to come; and the baby boomer of the World War II generation retiring in today’s days will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with the world that no longer exists. Today savers are losers, pension investment accounts are bankrupt, pensioners will be unable to stop working, and wanting social security is becoming a share waste time today.    

Question: What happens if you work for money?

Answer: The more you work to make more money, the more money you lose.

Understand The 2 Reasons Why?

Two things happen for people working for money.

  1. Get Caught In Endless Rat Race

They get caught in the cycle of hard work, higher taxes, debt, and inflation. They look like rats in a pet store, running furiously on the wheel to nowhere. That’s why today pensioners are not retiring simply because their retiring only to realize their pension investment account cannot sustain them for a long or they find they is no money in their pension account, so they end up retiring into getting another job and most of them don’t understand that thinking that I will continual working is obsolete thinking, what if you are no longer able to work physically, and for sure because you cannot hard work when you are old.

  1. Hard Work Knocks Them Down

 They stop working. Many people simply say, why work any harder? If I make more money, the government just takes more. Why work if I can’t get ahead? The more you work hard and make more from your paycheck, the more the government takes more too; that’s why the rich don’t have paychecks. The billionaire Steve Jobs’s paycheck was $1 pay year.

In the new economy were phony money is printed like no man’s business; a person needs to know how to convert their phony money into real money as quickly and safely as possible. And that real money is using phony money to build and buy assets for example businesses and investments that bring in cash flow income whether working or not working; but most people today are using phony money to buy more liabilities for example a car, a house, go back to school to advance a degree, clothes, phones, credit card loans, and wonder why they’re still getting into more bad debt.

“Printed phony money makes the rich richer and makes the middle poor class poorer”

To build and buy assets using phony money takes financial education, education that will prepare you to do what the government wants done with the phony money its printing: things like owning a business that employs people rather than being an employee, providing housing rather than buying a house, producing food rather than eating food, etc. In countries all over the world, governments reward producers and punish consumers who work for money. It’s the same law of the universe, that it rewards more the givers and creators than receivers and consumers.

“The reason why the rich get richer and poor get poorer is simple; the rich produce while the poor consume”

– Maradona Chalwe