I date girls or ladies to put this way, what often surprises me is that majority of ladies are I approach always ask me do you have a job? Or where do I work? Who do you work for? With my mentality which has chosen to become entrepreneur and a rich person; I often answer I don’t have a job; I just play and live my own life. For women, ladies or girls conditioned with job mentality that are in seek of men with a job, I always puzzle them down, and often think am crazy or just wasting their time, No, I don’t waste their time, they waste my time.

Most women may date rich guys, but few end up marrying a rich guy; reason being, if you are rich you can date any girl but you just can’t end up marrying a woman with a poor mentality or a poor woman, and most women in this world have poor mentalities, that’s why they end up dating or marrying poor men.

Women You Need A Shift of Thinking

As long as women keep on following the philosophies that men made to follow years ago, nothing is going to change much with their relationships. Women need to come up with their own philosophies if they have to change things around them. But the problem is that majority of them to date are still busy following through old philosophies which were made by men; that’s why nothing much is changing mainly in the world ‘man – woman’ relationships.

Most of our women are still being programmed with an employee mentality, that’s why most of them end up marrying poor employee men who end up making their lives more financially miserable. 96 – 97 percent of girls or women in general marry or date people with a job mentalities, not men with entrepreneurial or rich mentalities, simply because that’s what they have been conditioned to follow by the old 20th century obsolete philosophies made by men of;

“Go to school, get good grades, look for a high paying secure job with benefits, marry a man with a job too, and live happily together”, this is a myth today.    

That’s the reason why majority of women when they are married they can’t even advice a man to try to open up a business or become their own boss, cannot advice a man to become financially independent simply because that’s the only thing they have been taught by the old obsolete philosophies policies of marrying a man with a job has programmed them to date.

Money has become like air today, you can’t live without it, and women, mothers with kids today are in need of money so much that I advice ladies or girls planning to get married to plan their financial life before entering into marriages, they should ask that man who want to marry them what his financial plan is, how he is planning his financial life.

This philosopher that my husband’s salary will help us through with our financial lives is outdated and obsolete idea today, the philosophy that my and my husband’s salary will help us through, is an outdated and obsolete idea. The cost of living is becoming high due to high inflation, wages are coming down, school fees are becoming abnormal, unemployment is rampant even among married couples but we are still following the old way philosophies that;

“Go to school get good grades, find a high paying secure job with benefits, and a job will take care of you. Think about this, you might not be affected today, but your children or grandchildren will”   

This is the old industrial age obsolete idea. Girls, ladies, in general women, its high time you empower yourselves with financial education and stop worrying and quarreling over money in marriages; and among the number one causes of Divorces and miserable marriages is lacking of money among couples. This notion that God will help us with our marriage is a stupid way of thinking. I believe God helps those who help themselves.

That’s why you will find out that marriages that are constantly lacking money, women get old quickly, the truth is lacking is a negative vibration in the body and that causes people to become malfunctional quickly to life especially women. Women are the ones who are more likely to carry more negative vibrations by their nature; that’s why most of the women get to look older physically quicker, worry makes people get old quickly and mostly the worry of lacking money. Lacking money does not look good on people’s faces, including me too.

Money is very important today than ever before, and with this ongoing global financial problems, it’s high time you women and men with daughters who you know will be getting married sooner, you begin sitting your daughters and empower them with financial knowledge so that they get to question men who want to marry them about their financial plan, future and life. Spending your lifetime with lacking something with someone is not good way to experience life.  

Giving our daughters to be married to most poor mentality men is what is increasing more poverty in families and within families in this world. Poverty + Poverty = More Poverty. It’s not that women will or should marry for money, no; but should get financially educated so that they get to understand how money is very important in marriages or relationship today than ever before, more especially if you begin to have children, family increasing with this high increment of children school fees and college fees, high medical fees, rentals, taxes, inflation, and this suicidal threat of any time your husband or wife can lose their job, and where will you go, to heaven, hell no; let’s change our thinking.

Taking your children to school as the only way to become financially secure is a waste of time; school doesn’t teach about money or how to become rich and wealthy; but only focuses on teaching students to become employees to work for a few rich guys and become present and future customers to pay more taxes to the government.

We say girl child education is very important today, but it matters most which education you are educating girls, because most of it is useless; if it’s the education men come up with of “Go to school and get a job, with this; nowhere our girls are going”, so are men, men have gone nowhere with such a philosophy, just cycling the same rate race trap for centuries, and it’s the philosophy we still think can empower women even today; that’s insanity. School education will never make our women rich and wealthy.  

My Experience To Present; Maradona Chalwe       

If you think money is not important, try to stick your head inside the plastic bag and tie it on your neck for 3 minutes, you will understand how important money is. And if you hear someone saying money is not important, just know that’s a moron.

Today for me and most of my guy friends; it’s difficult to date a lady for longer period without money simply because most of the activities we do during the dating period require money, traveling, drinking, partying, lodging, eating, and can you stay for a year without buying a girl friend or boy friend a gift, though its love, that aren’t so. If you understand a man’s ego towards a lady or woman, you know what I am talking about. 

Many say money can’t buy you love, well OK, but it supports love; and what supports love keeps love, nourishes love and gives birth to more love; for money makes love more adventurous; and what’s adventurous is always young and empowering. That’s why the rich are more empowered and always looking younger than poor people. Just check out Jennifer Lopez the American hip hop singer in her 40 something years looks younger than poor girls in their 20 – 30 something years, money is beauty.

Women it’s high time you change your attitudes towards where your relationship money comes from, hoping and waiting and thinking men will empower you with their money, that’s shallow thinking; it’s time to take your stance now, in this today’s world were opportunities or problems are on everyone’s shoulders. Everyone can become whoever wants to become, and only one can restrict one today, only you yourself.

And women remember that money is beauty, but you need true financial education to have that beauty found within money. Download a free book; Knowledge To Riches  

“Money is beauty” – Maradona Chalwe