Today laptops have taken away the major market shares away from desktop computers; moreover most of us don’t also know that smart phones have also taken away 72% of share of both the desktop and laptop computers too.

Remember that by the time you will finish reading this article, you will find out two things with your smart phone, it’s either it’s a liability or an asset to your life or you are either a liability or an asset to your smart phone.

Today you cannot be moving around with a desktop in your car or suit case or moving around with your laptop in a bag like we used too before smart phones took away the major market place of the laptops. Today what we call iPods have been replaced more by smart phones too, the iPod is often larger than a smart phone. It’s easier to carry a smart phone in your pocket than it is to carry an iPod in your hands. Even digital cameras have been replaced by smart phone cameras.

Today anywhere you are, you can check anything with your smart phone on internet; you can also buy, order and sell, buy airtime and pay bills, send and receive money, download, read, capture a video or upload videos or pictures and send too, and communicate easier throughout the world with a single diverse with so many functions in a single machine of just the size of the 12 year old boy’s back pocket.

Imagine you are in the middle of people in the night club dancing with your laptop bag then you have to communicate with your business partner across the ocean with him its morning there and you here it’s middle-night, would you remove your laptop from your club or rush home to go web-cum on your laptop when you are in the middle fun, when that communication requires only taking 3 minutes? You even know that’s nuts. But if you have a smart phone that has facebook web-cum, Skype; that’s why Jan Koum created a mobile messaging platform called WhatsApp, which allows you to message across the world without having to pay for it. Today I chart and video WhatsApp with my Nephews across the ocean in China while am in Zambia with food at the table at the same time. Remember that public phones are out of business, what is remaining to extinct.

Smart phones are creating massive opportunities today that even a 12 year kid who is trained to see opportunities can see wonders. Most people have smart phones today, but cannot see how powerful is smart phone is today; most of them just use them for calling, watch unworthy videos, take unnecessary photos, listen to music but knowing that smart phones today are what I call ‘Smart University and Smart Business Office’, today I carry education and business opportunities just on my simple phone, there is personal and business entrepreneurship books, audio books, videos and I even upload my website just using a smart mobile phone; just on small gadget size of the pocket of a 12 year old boy, some places are not conducive to carry a laptop, but a smart phone conducive to work everywhere you are as long its allowed. And you can do business with everyone in this world even if you are in a tipcle village of this earth, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Massive opportunities that made founder of WhatsApp Jan Koum after 5 years in business, Facebook acquired the company for 19 billion dollars, for just to creating an App for a smart mobile phone, and in 5 years Jan’s net worth went from food stamps to Billionaire.

This is today’s power and massive opportunities of smart mobile phones, and did you know that 72% of people are within 5 feet of their phone at all times?  People are addicted to their device and an average person checks his or her phone 110 times per day. Many check their phones even more than that. That’s why the mobile platform has already and is taking more big market share away from computers.

Like I said, by the time you are finishing reading this article you have realized if your smart phone is a liability or an asset to your life or the other way round. Remember that a liability is something that does not add value to your life, and an asset is something that adds value to your life.

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