Many people say money does not buy love; well they might be right, but when it comes to how important money is in a relationship, you will come to understand how important money is in a relationship between couples. Money as said cannot buy love; but what I have found out is that, money supports love, nourishes love, and makes love fun, enjoyable and adventurous,  and a relationship struggling with money issues though they love each other is not all that a nourishing, fun, enjoyable and adventurous relationship or marriage.

Nothing can take away the place of money in the relationship, not even ‘I love you’ can take that role money plays in a relationship. Read the article ‘why 97% of women in this world date and marry poor men’.

Am not saying money is everything, unless you don’t have any or have never had enough, then it seems to become everything. Get my point also, am not saying date, get in a relationship or marry when you have all the money, no; all am saying is that most of us we don’t consider the role money plays in a relationship until we are deep in the relationship hot waters of money problems that’s when we get aware of how important money is in a relationship.

It seems the little money many go with in the first place in a relationship blinds many couples. Often all we do is to hide in the name of love, in the name of ‘I love you sweet sexy mammy’, or ‘us daddy for better and for worse’ some beliefs; but seriously not really considering in the first place how very important money is in a relationship is the first big problem of many couples; and if many would understand first before jumping into that water; many will not be struggling financially today and will not struggle financially tomorrow in their relationships.

No relationship can fully function successful without money, get this point. And to the point, not even for a prostitute one can ever survive. Money is a lubricant of a relationship’s lifetime.  

“No couple relationship can fully function successfully without money; no joke, but on point” – Maradona Chalwe

I have dated girls or women when I had enough money to play around with and when I had not enough money; but the dating that came out more adventurous, enjoyable and successful was that were money supported more and was no worry of money; but those without money, quaint ok some were a bit adventurous and enjoyable, but not compared to those with money.

The point here is not falling into a relationship for money, but to be prepared to spend financially when you enter in a relationship, not just spending being heavily on the one sided more especially with this mentality of most women that my man will provide everything in terms of financially, such women who think like this, are poor women, and also be careful of those women who fall in any relationships with you just for money, watch such women if you know you are going to have a lot of money or you have already a lot. I advice you better you date rich girls or women, most poor women, not everyone, are a problem when it comes to money.      

That’s why rich men marry rich women; if not yet but someone who wants and desire to become rich. That’s why rich guys date rich girls, so is the opposite of the poor guys too, go for poor girls too. As said, money isn’t everything in a relationship, but nothing can take the role money plays in a relationship, not even ‘I love you baby’ can take away that place. Often when I was single, I used to tell myself before not to fall in a love relationship if haven’t got enough money to spend into, but that was just easier said than done, the more I thought that way, the faster I found myself into another relationship.

What you resist persists, who I am not to fall in love without money, I stopped some few years ago to think in such a way. And often the ladies I used hanging around with and talk to, that I want to date, I think when I have some enough money to spend around in a relationship, some of them where the ones who were the first to fall in love together with.              

Most women have been brought up and conditioned by society to be cared and supported by a man and in addition with the biblical philosophy, and it’s not only philosophy teaching; but its women’s nature to feel cared, they possess an inside nature of a baby, that of wanting to be cared. Women have been brought up majoritically in our societies to be loved; men have been brought majoritically by society up to love.

The point is that among the number one causes of break ups, divorces, or fights, is lacking of money in most of the relationships. Love is real, but cannot flourish more without the role money plays in between that couples relationship.

“Money supports and nourishes love between couples”

– Maradona Chalwe

Moreover, the unfortunate thing is that even though most people what to be happy, have more fun, laugh more, love more and enjoy their relationship more; it’s difficult to concentrate on these things when you’re struggling financially. That’s why money problems can take the luster between couples. I’m not saying money is everything, but nothing can take away the role money plays in a relationship, not even saying ‘I love you’ can ever. And staying in a commitment especially when you are struggling with money is a waste way to live in a marriage, though many have and are living such lifestyle. 

Money is like air today, you cannot live without; if you love your spouse, this is not the time to quarrel over the little his or her paycheck is bringing home, but a time to sit down and think, plan of ways you increase the income in your home rather than quarrel. And a matter of dating too, don’t just date or marry ladies or men who think money is not important, or who have poor mindsets, that’s why poverty is not ending in families today; for example, Poor wife + Poor husband = Poor Family. And we still think money is not important in a love relationship or marriage relationship. Let’s get financially educated among couples and become rich and wealthy, and we will produce rich kids and families too.  Get to handle the money issue, not quarrel. This is my experience first, observation and research findings with couples second.   

The fact is, in our relationships, money is an important Tool; it is the lubricant of a relationship, it brings progress in a growth relationship; without it, mostly it is very, very, miserable marriage and lousy dating lifestyle is the result. Follow up Maradona Chalwe