The love of money is not the root cause of all evil and not evil at all, but evil thoughts towards money is the root cause of evil. For sure, and when you use your thoughts on money for a negative purpose.

If you work for money, money takes away your freedom, that’s evil too simply because man was not meant to be used by money, but man to use money; but it’s a shame most people have let themselves be used by money; which is for evil for me. Get this, all man has both evil and good inside, but it all depends from which side where his vibration of energy comes from towards unto money, if it’s the good or the bad vibration on money.  

If the vibration is of lack towards money, that’s evil, simply because the lack of money is the root cause of evil, not the love of money.    That’s why rich wealthy people don’t work for money; they understand that working for money is evil that’s why they make money work for them. Only poor and middle-class people work for money.

Wealthy people love what money does, it gives freedom to do and go where you want to go. Wealthy people use money while the poor and middle-class are used by money, and that’s evil if you let money use you and control your life.  It might be good if you begun thinking and doing ways that will make you make money begin working for you; if others can do it, you can do it too.  

Money is a good servant but a bad master, that’s why the wealthy people money is their servant while the poor and middle-class people their servants to money and this is why they have a paycheck that makes them have less or no freedom at all simply because money  and an employer or companies policies controls them. You must learn to be on top of money or money will always be on top of you.

Most people work for money simply because that’s the only thing they have been taught in school, that’s why the ignorance and lack of money is what causes people to sell their soul, mind, emotions, body, time and freedom for a paycheck simply because financial education is not taught in schools and in most of our homes, but students only trained, conditioned, programmed and prepared to become employees for the rich people and to pay more taxes to the government after they leave school.

One way the government steals people’s money is to keep people employed. The other way they steal our wealthy is to keep people financially uneducated, that’s why there is no financial education in the school system. Money is not evil, it’s the lack of money that causes man to act evil towards money, and for an average person only sees that its money instead of man who is evil towards money. 

“I love money, it makes me do more good to humanity than when am lacking money” – Maradona Chalwe