Today, the financial crises tragedy is more on my fellow youths who are university and college graduates leaving school but not finding jobs on the market place.

Other university degree graduate holders are only to find jobs with peanut butter wages that cannot sustain them even for half a month for a month paycheck they labor for.

We are having fewer and fewer jobs due to increase of robotic or machine labor and less human labor today are accommodated, for example this is why the mining industry keeps on laying out employees here and there. In the old, in the mining industry, it was human labor digging with picks and shovels with wheelbarrows carrying, but not today, machines and with computers has replaced human labor more, let’s see the future coming.    

Technology advancing of labor is replacing human labor today, and this is causing a burden to job seekers and believers, and will be a burden in future mainly for our school-system which is busy mass producing students to leave school and go look for a high paying safe secure job with benefits which has become the most obsolete advice today. Majority of students are even on students loans, but leaving school only to find themselves without a job; by the way student’s loans are waste loan of all loans.

This tragedy of only training students to become employees after they leave school instead of training students to become entrepreneurs after they leave school is the financial crises tragedy worldwide today.

It’s the after a student leaves school in the real world that is crucial to a student’s life-long learning and development, and is what defines who a student ultimately become in life.

The problem is school doesn’t prepare student for the real world and also doesn’t prepare student the real-life skills to become an entrepreneur. This is what has caused this worldwide financial crisis on students of high unemployment; of training students to become employees instead of entrepreneurs, training students to work for money instead making money work for a student, and training students to depend on a job, an employer and the government, instead of training a student to create their own job and depend their life on themselves.

School-system is corrupt, that’s why it’s a system, and the reason simple, that’s one way to keep students ignorant about the world of money, that’s why there is no financial education in school; its one way it controls and steals people’s money; and training people to become employees is one way they steal our money and wealthy, read the article ‘why they don’t teach about money in school’.