“Time and money are two most important commodities that are irreplaceable. Once you “lose your time or spend your money you can’t replace them. You can manage to perform the same task you missed but that doesn’t mean you have recovered the wasted, and neither does it mean you have recovered the spent money should you manage to earn equal or more money than you earlier wasted”

– Clance Musonda Chilufya

“In order to keep you poor, you will deceptively be taught to ‘dress like a king to be treated like a king. The hidden truth, however, is that the king has to spend like a king. This is where it gets interesting. You dress like a king, get treated like king; unknowingly spend like a king, spending beyond your means. You spend your livelihood on appearances, get poor, fail to keep up with the Jonnesses and drop further down in rank. You drop from a servant to a slave. Beware of trying to show off”

– Clance Musonda Chilufya.


“When you assist a poverty inclined poor man, they will come back more often. This is not to say, “thank you”, but to show their ungratefulness by coming with more problems to help on you. On the other hand, when you assist a wealth inclined poor man; they will come back with a bottle of champagne, a goat or a chicken as gift and a way of saying, “thank you for helping them come out of poverty. The poor will forever remain poor not until they change their perpetual ‘beggars’ attitude” – Clance Musonda Chilufya


“The words I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” later Jesus says; “I came that you might have life (spiritual word) in abundance”. This teaches us that the original is spiritual and not physical. Whatever you want to have physically, you must first have spiritually. Whatever you want to increase in the physical world, you must first increase in the spiritual world. That which you see and have in this physical world is a copycat of the original which is spiritual”

– Clance Musonda Chilufya

Author, Entrepreneur & Owner: CYNAT ENTERPRISES LTD