In times of financial problems, the rich get richer, the middle class get wiped out and the poor get poorer. That’s why I want you to become and live rich simply because ‘The middle class is disappearing. Given the choice between being rich or poor, we want you to be rich”, said the entrepreneur and American President Donald Trump and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki authors from the besting selling book, “Why we want you to be rich”.

Up to date the middle and poor class are getting poorer simply because there are still taught in school and homes to send their money to the investment banks, retail banks, to the rich, and the government. Get this point, true financial education teaches you how to have people send money to you, and you are not taught such an education in school; and the book ‘why we want you to be rich’ holds true financial education that it’s a must for you to read. Remember that without financial education the rich, the banks, and the government have advantage to take away or steal your money away from you.

Today’s global financial problem is caused because 99.9% of our political leaders are not financial educated, most of them are crooks, and corrupt, most of us still think a crook financially illiterate politician will solve your financial problem, and today our leaders are the one who need the most financial education.

Without financial education, this is what is making the poor stay poor and the middle class working harder to pay more taxes to the government. Invest in your financial education. Invest your time in financial education before you invest your money. What has and is making a few people to become rich in this world is a few only get financially educated, that’s why you are advised to invest your time in financial education before you invest your money.

The reason there is no financial education in school is the reason why the poor are staying poorer and the middle class are working hard to pay more taxes to the government and getting wiped out. Prepare yourself with financial education in this world where we are facing financial problems.  This is the reason we are advising you to become rich, the photo explains more.

Take control of your life, your financial life and your future too; soon they will be only the rich and the poor, middle class is being wiped out.

“Only in winter can you tell which trees are truly green. Only when the winds of adversity blow can you tell whether an individual or a country has steadfastness”

– John F. Kennedy.