“If you don’t run your own life, somebody else will” – John Atkinson

Many years ago Nobel Prize winner Dr. Albert Schweitzer was interviewed by a reporter in London;

Question: “Doctor, what’s wrong with men today?

Answer: Men simply don’t think”.

Ralph Waldo Emerson put it clearly here that, “The greatest difficulty is that men do not think enough of themselves, do consider what it is that they are sacrificing when they follow a herd”. The worst century problem mankind always has been having, is doing what everyone else is doing.

The other problem is that most people in our societies have never been taught in school to have control over their own lives, their minds, and you can only control your mind by only thinking for yourself. Thinking is not taught in school, following instructions is all what students are taught in schools and most of the homes. Kids, students come out of their parent’s homes and out of school without ever having a sense and knowledge of their minds, but only to end up in the real world following instructions and being controlled by employers, the government, religion and society at large.

Most people have made choices unconsciously to be controlled by others simply because it’s the only thing they have been taught, to be thought for, in school.

Why do you think their employees? Employers sit down to think and plan their life, plan their wants, dreams, goals, future, businesses ideas, or vision and then employee employees to make their ideas become true. If you do not make a choice to make aims for your life, you are doomed to become a slave of someone else aims, and in today’s period a slave means an employee, and employee simply means modern day ‘slave’ person. As true as said that “life is a fight for a territory, and once you stop fighting for what you want, what you don’t want will automatically take over.” Most people have unconsciously ignored their lives, and another force has taken over their lives.

“The most thought – provoking thing in our thought – provoking time is that we are still not thinking” – Martin Heidegger

Most employees do little or no thinking at all, simply because they are not trained in school to think for themselves, but only trained in school to let their employers and government think for them. That’s why most employees are just willing to job and eat, and not willing to think and create.

The truth is that if you don’t think for yourself you won’t have to make a choice to make a plan that should work for your life, someone else will make a plan for you to work on to make their own plans to become a reality soon or later in future, for example today’s kids are still trained to become employees by the school-system for the future for the rich people and the government; like I asked, why do you think their employees? As said, most people are learning and planning of how to get a job, but while in fact a few of us are thinking, learning and planning of how to employee those who are learning and planning to become employees.

Men who don’t think are as good as dead and indeed their dead. To think for yourself is the only way, the only secret, the only key to a successful life in all generations. Nobody becomes and nobody ever became successful without thinking for themselves. Success is self caused thought, and that is a choice.

“People who are capable of thinking for themselves will rarely be part of any herd”

– Donald J. Trump,

President: Untied States of America