Success achieved comes as a result of your sacrificed actions. Sure, you must pay the price to success to become successful. But it’s very much important what your pay the price for! Most people have been brought up to search for success outside themselves of which actually they never found it or just short lived it.

The questions is, the price you are paying to become successful, is it from inspiration or perspiration? The problem is that most people its perspiration. It’s not just a matter of paying the price for success, its first understanding what you are paying the price for and why you are paying the price that’s what gives meaning to your ideas and results of the success you become.

For example many people are going doing a course in college or university simply because that course is easy to pass and get a job, but in the end they don’t even feel inner joy and fulfillment, that is just waste of time and money like one of my friend I was with at Copperstone university complained after some years we left university that ‘man, it’s like I never went to university’; now is applying for another university, let’s hope that university will work for him too.

“Don’t go to school for a certificate; go to school to realize your fulfillment”

– Maradona Chalwe

We are all born with the strength and weakness that may either makes us become successful or failures. You have all your desires and your dislikes within you. It is just a matter of your own choice and be careful to choose where to fall on. Success is a choice as failure is a choice too. Successful people find their weaknesses and make a choice to make them strengths.

If you desire success, all you have to do is tap into your world within you and arrange the success pieces already there; you rearrange them, and create a passionate product, a service or a business to benefit your life and others lives too. Success pieces are everywhere; they are just looking for a successful person to rearrange them and create a success service or product, and make more money too.


Success Pieces Are Everywhere

There are within and as well outside you; in your problems and others problems too; but only a person who has become successful can only see this as Mr. Jim Rohn said, “Success is not something you attract, but something you become”. Even in the good, the better can come out if you have an opportunistic mindset.

To see success pieces, all it requires is to become an optimistic-opportunistic person to see those pieces even in problems and rearrange them to create a product or service that will help many people’s lives and yours too. “A pessimistic sees the difficulty in the opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty” said Winston Churchill.

The example is how the writer rearranges the information he or she reads and come up with his own art-philosophy way of writing. The writer will read and study books, gets the important points, rearranges them, and he will also attach his unique inspirit-creativity to create his own unique writing philosophy and present it to the public as a book, an article, a service or a business. Success is the creativity within you; success is also your own uniqueness within you.

Stave Jobs put it this way, “Creativity is connecting things”. Success too, is connecting the disorganized pieces of opportunities seeking for an opportunistic being to reach over and rearrange them to create a success result. Creativity means create – activity, and everyone is capable of creating activities, it’s a few are taught to do so. To Successfully Connect things, means connecting necessary or useful ideas or material things from other sources of resources and attach your own in-spirit creativity to come up with your own unique philosophy, products or service and create an effective business around it to benefit you and others too.

In the world of innovation, success is defined as using your inspirit creativity and others creativity and create a successful product, a business or service for your world. This is the mentality of an entrepreneur, seeing opportunities in problems.

The word success is derived from a Latin word, “successus”, which means a “happy issue.” A happy attitude attracts and creates happy and positive conditions or issues as the law of attraction says like attracts like. Your altitude is the reflection of your attitude. Success is a positive state of mind that creates and attracts to you all positive things like health, wealthy, opportunities, love, etc. Your life responds to your attitude, so if your attitude is negative – your life too is negative. You are the position of your attitude. You can only see big and reasonable opportunities when you develop a success opportunistic mindset. A success mind is an optimistic-opportunistic attitude that sees pieces of opportunities in all situations they face in their lives. Success is using your creativity to reach over and rearrange or organize the pieces already there that will create and attract a “happy issue” for your life and others lives too.

Seeing success pieces +   Rearrange them in order + Actions

= Success Results

Someone side, “Success is order within without you”. 99% of the success pieces lie within you as Napoleon Hill said, “And now I stretch out the hand to the world of friendship through time and space, let me remind you, not to go searching for opportunity in the distance, but reach out and embrace it right where you are.” As Henry David too said, “what lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.” Mr. Deepak Chopra too said, “We do not live in the world. The world lives in us.” Your lifestyle is the reflection of your thoughts and others thoughts.

Everyone is born for success; it’s just a matter of realization of this truth, love it and self actualize your success pieces within. Those who love the truth learn to live it. Within you, is you the success, you deserve it, to live it and fulfill it. Remember that success is a choice to rearrange pieces that are perceived unnecessary by a pessimistic, that an opportunistic sees as necessary to create success products, services, money, wealthy and respect from, etc.  

Therefore, “success is not always “reaching out” for something that you don’t have but rather only “reaching over” and “rearranging the pieces already there”