“People who succeed don’t do guess work with their lives but they do take calculated steps to achieve their dreams. One can only move as FAST and as FAR as they can see. You have to be able to mentally see your dream in order to move towards it. If you can’t see your dream, you can’t have it”

– Clance  Musonda Chilufya

“Your place taken by another can still revert back to you only if you can be patient enough to wait for him to leave it to the extent that he can’t continue holding on” – Clance Musonda Chilufya

“Those who rise above me, though appreciated by myself, have a challenger in me” – Clance Musonda Chilufya

“Those who saw me fall down will now see me rise up. A righteous man will fall down seven times and still rise up”

– Clance Musonda Chilufya

“A right decision has to be made at the right time, and for a right reason, for it to be an important decision. A costly expense has to be made at the right time, and for the right reasons, for it to be an important and worthy expense” – Clance Musonda Chilufya

“Wishes grow on trees of desire and hard work”

– Clance Musonda Chilufya

Author, Entrepreneur & Owner: CYNAT ENTERPRISES LTD