You are the entire universe itself as Deepak Chopra put it, “We are not in the world, but the world is within us.” Thought is creative, meaning your thoughts causes the activities you experience in your life; the conditions happening to you now, the environment you are in now poor or rich, and the results you are getting now are your own thought cause. Rich people don’t stay in the same environment were the middle and poor class people stay. They live in rich environments. Reason is they think rich.

Environment essentially echoes our own thoughts, words, and actions. If we want to hear a different echo, we ought to make a different kind of sound. You are the entire environment itself because your thoughts create the environment you stay in now.  It’s what the Rich Dad to Robert T. Kiyosaki’s said, “If you want to change the size of your life, you have to change the size of your dreams.” As said, “You cannot have an advanced standard of living without first having an advanced standard of thinking.”

So if you don’t like what you are experiencing now with your life, change your thoughts and you change your experiences. As R. Buckminster Fuller put it, “Never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” “See it, believe it, and do it. What are you attracting into your life right now? Look at your results for the answer”, said Bob Proctor, author, you were born rich.

Thoughts of value attract, create and cause valuable experiences. Its do well unto others; and you will attract others do well unto you. Think good thoughts about others, you will get back the same thoughts.  Think good about yourself and you will attract, create and become good to yourself. If you give others a better life; you will receive a better life in return too. This works all walks of life, all angles of life; you give value you will receive value in return, as Randy Gage author of the above book “Risky is the new safe; the rules have changed” said, “You Can’t borrow your way to prosperity. Look for ways to create value and you will attract money”. It’s only through being generous with our thoughts that we find our God given gifts and our God given grace for ourselves and others.

“People are like magnets, either attracting or repelling each other. As your level of goodwill rises, people become ever more cooperative” – Dr. George S. Pransky Author: “Relationship Handbook”