Yema is a Lozi word which means “Rise Up.” Taha is also a Lozi word that means “Come!”

In football (as in life) one of the most exciting times for any player is when the coach calls out your name and says Susiku, Yema, Taha!

Sitting on the bench is not always a good thing. Watching your friends play while you sit languishing, warming the bench and wearing out your bum is not good at all. Especially when you know that if introduced on the pitch you can make a real difference.

But as life is we do not all make it to the starting line-up at once. On many occasions one has to sit and wait patiently for their turn to come; for someone to say those gracious words….”Yema. Taha!”

Yema is a word of hope. It is uttered by a voice of authority to someone who has been sitting idle for a long time with nothing to do.

When someone tells you Yema, just know that your days of hopelessness are over. You are in for a good game. You have been touched by God.

And when they say Taha (come forth) nothing beats the feeling. A moment of resurrection. Tombs open. Life comes in. A moment of utter bliss.

Waiting can be difficult. Patience is a gift from God. To have patience you need the spirit of God to sit in your heart. Those who exercise patience enjoy the fruit in its due season. But those who rush usually crash.

You might have been sitting idle for too long hoping for the day when the “coach” will call out your name to give you a chance to play. Do not despair. Do not force matters. Sometimes it’s better for other people to beat your drum. Truth is that there is always someone out there who looks at you objectively. One day they will call out your name and give you a chance to play.

And when that time comes you will rise in joy and splendor to play your game with grace, never again to wear out your bums on the seat of despair.

Your time is coming!

Yema. Taha!