“Your True worth is tested not in times of peace and abundance but in times of scarcity, adversity, and calamity. When times are good it is easy to say “I Love You.” But to demonstrate love in difficult times is a Godly trait” – Nasinda Susiku 

Be Like A Child; Be Grateful

When you buy a gift for a child they treasure it. They will go to bed with it. They will carry it everywhere they go be it at school, when playing, bathing or eating.

When you buy something for an adult they will ask you why you did not buy something else. Within no time they shelve it away and forget about it.Children are simply amazing. Adults are complex.

The Challenge With Bitterness

The challenge with bitterness is that you keep cursing your enemy for his wrong doings not knowing that he repented overnight while you get so consumed with hate that you forget to thank God for blessing you have with a new day.

Abash bitterness. Have a life. Give thanks.