Time is for a purpose, and that purpose is to realize the power of the universe within you and use them. Time is for a purpose and that purpose is yearning baby progress within you. Time is also wisdom to those who work and move with it wisely.  I define wise as “wisdom intelligently and successfully earned”, wisdom is earned, it does not come by grades or age as most of those crowded mentalities have been brought up to believe.

Success is for the willing person who wants to become brilliant and creative who definitely demand to live that organized thoughtfully lifestyle. Organized thinkers who are as scarce as gold, whose thoughts embrace their entire objective; who pursues time uninterruptedly and fearless of all consequences.

Everyone is born brilliant and creative, though some people have been brought to up to become dumb and dull ignorantly by the limiting mental conditioning institutions for example school, religion etc; read the book the “The  4 School-System Myths; what your child will never learn in school”. While others because of their laziness to think have made themselves dumb and dull as true as ‘man brings himself into old age’ as said thousands of years ago. The problem is most people are only organized when it comes to other people’s objectives, and not theirs. Most people are only organized at a job, the objective of their employers; and not their own life objectives.

“Truth is that you can never become successful with your life by minding your lifetime on other people’s objectives and systems. For sure good money can be there, but it’s not your life” – Maradona Chalwe; Author: Create Your Perfect Lifestyle

The rich are extremely successful because there are highly organized and focused auctioning their own lifetime objectives. You have to understand that wise time usage is the most important principle in everything in our lives, from work, to relationship, to health, to character, to wealth making and happiness too. Moreover time is short on this earth, why spend it on people and activities that do not even enrich your life? You have to create a productive lifetime plan to achieve the success you want with your life.

It’s your own responsibility to organize a productive lifetime plan for your life; the point is that in all labour there is profit, but an idle chatter leads only to a miserable and poverty achievement. Poverty is achievement too if you don’t plan your lifetime wisely.

Mind only your organized success objectives if you want to make your lifetime meaningful and successful with this limited earthly time you and I have. Plan your lifetime productive and live your productive lifetime plan. Thinking that God, the government, my spouse or job owes me a living, a future is a loser’s life plan in this today’s world. You can never become successful with your life without your lifetime. If want to become successful, you must create your time schedule to develop the characters of successful people and take action to become and live those success characteristics.

Anyone who uses time wisely will be the most brilliant, creative, highly paid and successful person like Mr. Robert Kiyosaki author of the most sold famous global financial and personal development book ‘Rich dad poor dad’, he is among the highest paid people in the world and has been quoted to use these wise words to those who want to become successful with their lives that “The moment you begin to think of time as precious and that it has a price, the richer you will become”, and he also advises that “If you don’t have money invest your time in financial and personal development education”.

While most of the people I meet especially those with a school mentality beliefs for example most of my poor and middle class family members, girl-friends and friends; invest their time in complaining, blaming, school-certificates, and all kinds of activities that will not enrich their lives today and will never make them successful with their lives and others lives too in this information age. The rules have changed, but they are still sticking to the old rules that have become obsolete today for example “go to school, get good grades, look for a high safe paying job and with benefits, and your job will take care of you and your family”, these are all old rules, these rules worked effective in the industrial age but not today in this information age; information is the way to a successful life today.

When am in short of money I invest most of my time in financial and personal development education; when with money I invest my money in building up a business no matter how small it is; I am not afraid of failing, but what am afraid of is not failing simply because I understand that if I don’t fail I don’t learn. Moreover failing is a process to success; why the hell should you avoid failing? Just go out, do it, fail, life goes on any way and for better if you just learn the lesson wisely. It’s this failure from website after website that has made me to even build up www.richtrainingsinstitute.com you are reading on now.

How you use your lifetime determines what you achieve in life; remember that even poverty is an achievement too; plan wisely your lifetime, you are the only one who will live it. It is as true that a person who knows the importance of the lapse of time will be a person who accomplishes more in life. That person does not want to be a sleeper, average, poor or slave for other people’s thoughts or money. That’s he, she knows that the only time I have is now, to act to be, do, have, share and achieve a successful lifetime when I you just focus my life on my own success objectives; that I can only become successful in life only with my own lifetime, and not others lifetime.

“Time is like the wind; it lifts the light and leaves the heavy” – Domenico Cieri Estrada