Simply put school-system focuses on training kids to leave school to become obedient employees for the government and a few rich people; instead of trainings us kids to improve ourselves personally and put to use the gifts, the talents, genius and abilities within that qualifies us to become our own boss of our own lives. Remember that boss means “become – owner of – self – successes”.  

Simply put also, we go to school to be taught to ignore what God has put in us and mentally impregnated with a fellow man-made system to be easily controlled like robots. The school-system is designed to control people’s lives.

Simply put also, we go to school to become future customers to be paying more taxes to the government and employees of a few rich people. School trains student to become obedient bags to suck blood from for the government to survive from.

Simply put again, we go to school to be taught to ignore our core purpose on this earth, ourselves, and we let a few fellow human-beings determine and control our lives, and from there we wonder why most of us our lives are miserable and meaningless, meaningless and not getting ahead. You cannot get ahead with your life without yourself. We are not taught to become who we are in school; but become others only.

This age old native Indian proverb holds truth that “If you are given a gift and you do not use it to serve other people, it becomes a curse”. What do you think is the root cause of unemployment? What do you think is the root cause of poverty and other miserable lifestyles?  It’s not being taught to share what we are born already with within us that is what cause misery in most of us in our lives. We are here to share what we are already born with within, not to hold on to what we already have. School trains student to get first, instead of giving first. We are here on this earth to give.

“Education is inoculation against disruption”

– Robin Sharma

We spend a minimum of 14 – 15 years in school, but end up without any clue of who we are, and what we are meant for. We are trained to follow and work on what’s important for others, to obey job instructions and not obeying the work important within us that should improve others lives and our life for better. Life is purpose, without purpose its death (Perishing) and most employees wonder why they work so hard at a job, earning worth less money and feeling nothing worth is happening, and there life has no sense of meaning.

It’s time we begin thinking beyond the school mentality, and begun using what we are born with already within; simply put your gifts put in you are there to solve some problems on this earth and make other people’s lives better, and in school we are not taught this; that’s why it’s your responsibility to realize and self-actualize your gift if you want your life to be of meaning.

Meaning of life is finding out what you already have, that can save, even as many people as you can reach and share it to your world. True meaning of life is found in sharing the good we are born already with within. Think beyond school mentality and you find what it means to become a blessing.