I use these steps to store information into my memory below outlined by Mr. Og Mandino in his classic book ‘University of Success’ for easy recalling when we are having conversations and also during my inspirational talks to the audience rather moving with papers to read through then and then. Here are the steps you should use also too to improve and make most your memory.

  1. Commit things to memory when you are rested.

  2. Break down lists into smaller, manageable units and subcategories before trying to memorize them. If you have to learn the capital cities of 20 nations – break them into 5 groups of 4.

  3. Reapet the material to yourself several times. Writing the material also helps.

  4. Space your learning into several periods. Begin each new period by reviewing what you have previously memorized to keep it firmly planted in your memory.

  5. Relate material you are learning to familiar ideas, persons, symbols, and other things that are already firmly planted in your memory. For example: You can probably recall roughly what the map of Italy looks like, because it’s shaped like a boot.

  6. Arrange ideas to be learned into a formula system or code word to aid your recall.

In his very book ‘University of Success’ he explained that memory skills are generally divided into three stages;

  1. Remembering: Leaving the information to be stored.
  2. Recording: Storing the material in the brain until needed.
  3. Retrieving: Getting the material out when needed.

I recommend those who want to make most successful their memory and not only memory, but all angles of life from relationship, financial, spiritual, mental and physical success to buy and read this classic “University of Success by Mr. Og Mandino”