Why are we brainwashed so easily, cheated so easily and controlled so easily that there is such a thing as my job! Get this point, there is no such thing as my job, your job is your employers, he or she is the one invented that job, not you, and calling it my job is a shallow way of thinking.

That what you call your job can easily be taken away just by letting you go if you mess up by only three words “You-Are-Fired”. My brother was recently fired from the government organization over some money issues, and he was on so called a permanent job; am glad he is into business now, and let’s hope he stays into business just like that because looking for another job, he will probably waste part of his life-time again that time he can use to build a successful business that will take care of his family and the world too.

Today employees are not assets, their like disposable drink bottles, once the drink is finished thrown or when a new better disposable drink shows up its easy to dispose you and enjoy the company of that new drink. So is the way those with old blood are being replaced by fresh blood in the cooperate world. The only job you can call my job is the job you have created yourself, not a job created by the government, the other person or company.

Moreover there is no such thing as a permanent job, who taught you such a lie like that; no one stays on a job forever, have you ever seen one before? Jobs were created to hide you from your real self, to make you neglect and abandon your work. There is a difference between a job and work; a job is an activity or task you are given to benefit more the owner all so called an employer, not you. But work is infinite intelligence within you to create your activities that will benefit the world for better; in short work is the genius within you and genius means the magic within you to create your own unique activities.

Doing your work means realizing your creativity, and creativity comes from the root creator, which is within. What’s Gods work? Gods work is creation, and you are a creative being; in short you are a creator too. All your dreams, vision are within your work territory, but what you call my Job is all within your employer’s territory, not your territory.

Do you know that a pay check is a bribe they give you to forget your dreams; and it has been said once you take away someone’s dream, you take away their life. A job was designed to manipulate you to channel your energy to benefit more a few people’s energy for example the government and the corrupt rich people. That’s why a job is a short-term solution to a long-term problem simply as defined as “Just – over – broke” activity or “Just went – out – brainwashed”. Your job is not an asset, it’s a liability, your child cannot inherit it; you cannot even sell or auction it. There is no such thing as a permanent job and neither there is a thing as a safe secure job.

People programmed with employee mentality say their no jobs, of course their fewer jobs because of this global unemployment problem; but there is plenty of work within people and around people; it’s just most people have been conditioned from school to look for jobs instead of looking for work in their environments; they leave school into the real world to find their no jobs but only to get caught up stranded like a starving mouse in the cage. School does not train students how to survive in the real world, but only trains students to become employees only. Truth is there is no such thing as unemployment, their only a lot of people with employee mentality.

The only job you will call my job is the job that comes from your own creation within you, within your genius, and that is what is called work. Finding your work is finding your intelligence, and intelligence is defined as “Don’t do as you are told; go where you know your genius will come out”, said Robert Kiyosaki author Rich Dad Poor Dad, that’s where your work, your magic to do great differences to your world lies. Zig Ziglar put it this way, “The real opportunity for success lies within the person and not in the job”.

If you are an employee I am leaving you with these thought provoking words by Barbara Ehrenreich who said, “Employers have gone away from the idea that an employee is a long-term asset to the company, someone to be nurtured and developed, to a new notion that they are disposable”.

It’s time to take control of your life, to become an entrepreneur, your own Boss! To Think Big, Act Big Live Your Life and Live Big. Its Your Life!