The thing you have to understand is that, bureaucrats running the government only know how to spend money, increase taxes and do not know how to make money.

Ever since I learned the power of good debt from the book ‘rich dad guide to investment’ authored by Robert kiyosaki; have been using mainly other people’s money to invest in myself and that investment has been personal development and financial education. Its ‘OPM’ meaning ‘Other-People’s-Money and it’s also means ‘OPR’, using other ‘Other People’s Resources” to enrich yourself in whatever area you choose to pursue. It also means harnessing the power of leverage.

Today debt is capital; the dollar, the Zambian kwacha etc; it’s all debt, and if people who understand the power of debt or who are financially educated stopped borrowing, the economy slows or crashes.

Many people want to believe debt is the problem. The problem is not debt. The problem is the lack of financial education in our leaders rooting from our national leaders, religious leaders, school leaders and family leaders lacking financial education. Maybe that’s why in the government position majority of people chosen are poor and poor people are easily controlled by the rich people simply because the rich and powerful control the government.

For example savers lack financial education because your saving makes the banker poorer and your debt makes the banker rich; but remember that there is good debt and bad debt, and if you lack financial education the banker will give you bad debt. It’s the same way countries are indebted by other countries for example my country Zambia has been indebted by the so called Euro Bond. Bankers do not make money on savings. They make money on debt. GBM among the richest man in Zambia and other rich people through out the world use debt to make themselves rich and richer. If you save money in the bank, the bank gets that savers money and give the rich who are financially educated and rich, and this is why the rich get richer by using “OPM” other peoples money.

Its good debt that has made me to write this article, my books and run website to date. The more good debt you use, the more better you become with your life in whatever area of your life you choose to peruse. Use debt to make your life better. Use debt to buy and build assets that brings in cash flow in your pockets.

And if our leaders were better financially educated, they would know how to use debt to make us richer as a nation and a people, rather than poorer as they have been doing. Remember that it’s our leaders who need most to be taught financial education. Get this point probably you have never been taught at home or school said in 1850 by Frederick Bastiat the French Political Economist that “Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state lives at the expense of everyone”. Mentally Walk up.