It’s a very big problem that many of us spend so many years, thoughts and efforts minding other people’s thoughts, activities, businesses and systems for example school-system that we forget and neglect to live and feel our own lives. We want to do things and impress everyone except ourselves simply because that’s what society tells us to do and follow.

Get this point; you can never truly become successful by living and minding other people’s thoughts and businesses. Here are the thought provoking business and educational quotes I have compounded authored by Susiku I. Nasinda a Business Motivational Writer and Fitness Maniac. Please leave a comment below.

“It is easier for a common marketer to get capital through government grants and presidential initiatives than for an MBA student to get a loan from a bank to start a business. Just so you may know”

“Since they will not teach you how to do business in school and in college, teach yourself by starting small. Sell something no matter how small. There is always someone out there to buy your products and services”

“I am yet to find an MBA course where they give capital for you to start your own business”

“You can choose to invest in an MBA to learn about how other people do business or you can invest in a business and learn from your own experiences. In both cases it is possible to be a master”

“The best MBA you can get is not by going to the best business schools of this world. It lies in the school of experience you get by having the guts to run your own business. Mark Zuckerberg ( Facebook CEO) and Jack Ma (Alibaba founder) have never been to business school yet they run the world’s biggest businesses today and lecture about business to MBA students”

“Running your own business leads to wealth creation. As such very few people will teach you how to make money. They would rather you are poor so that you can eat crumbs from their table as you serve them”

“An MBA seldom prepares you to run your own business. It equips you with skills to be an employee. To run other people’s businesses”

“Modern education requires people to go to school in order to get a job. And when they get the job they cannot perform. They depend on workshops to teach them “how to do the job” which they have been preparing for since grade one”