If you can’t learn from your problems, then you are doomed to a failure life, and also repeating those problems often. Some people say money makes the world go round, others say love makes the world go round, well it can be true that’s their opinion, but they forget one thing too, problems makes the world go round too. Problems are the foundation of progress and change, without problems they would be no progress and no change. When their problems occurring, it’s a sigh that things has to change. You have to make change happen.

Things change because these two things processes;

  1. A problem;

A problem is a baby crying that I want to change. All these job and financial recessions, deflation, inflation is a baby crying that I want to change.

  1. Unsatisfied idea or achievement;

Life is change, change is growth, and anyone who is satisfied with a life he or she has, is expired, only cemetery waiting. Living is for the unsatisfied with growth, while existing is for satisfied with growth. Some people just exist, not living at all. The purpose of life is growth. If the Wright Brothers were satisfied with achievement of manufacturing and riding bicycles, these airplanes we fly on today could have been probably a comedy.

The Definition of A Problem

Problems are not as bad as others perceive them when you are possessed with a positive or growth mindset. In fact life without problems would be a boring and unappreciated one; in truth many of us would not even know God nor love God and would not even appreciate him. Problems open our ears that there is the giver of life, and every problem is a solution for a blessing for you. Here is the definition of the word problem and I would advise you to start seeing problems as something to grow and prosper from than something to bring you down to misery. A problem simply means;

P = Possibility: Where there is a problem there is a possibility of an opportunity, or some good or great ideas are laying dormant waiting for a possibility mind to uncover a fortune under that problem. Even under fear there is a treasure of possibly great faith waiting to be uncovered. “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” said Joseph Campbell. Anything or everything is possible if you just believe and take action, it can be achieved. Nothing is impossible if you just believe you can do it and you do it. Good doing is possible, so is evil doing possible if you just believe and do it, but the consequences behind your beliefs or possibilities you will receive them, you like it or not. You reap what you have sown. There is good in every problem, find the good in every problem.

R = Responsibility: The stupid thing in life is not to become responsible of the situations you cause by your own thoughts, weather negative or positive. Responsibility is some big job, that’s why so many people run away from it.

Reason proven is; “Once you become fully responsible for your life, you definitely become fully responsible for other people’s lives too. But what pisses out so many people is that once they reach that stage of becoming fully responsible of other people, they are definitely defeated because they are used to oneself or a family responsibility and not community or global responsibility, that scares them that’s why they resort back to oneself or family responsibility simply because those are easy things to handle at a daily basis.”

There two types of responsibilities in this world;

  1. Infinite Responsibility: This is the responsibility that is directed to serve the whole community, country and world. Only real and big entrepreneurs are found in this group who are few, but many people are scared of this responsibility that’s why the majority is found in this second responsibility.
  2. Personal Responsibility: This is both self and family responsibility, this is where the great majority are, employee who serve themselves and their family only. Like I have explained the reason why many are in this group that it is scary, takes great sacrifice of either time even years, money, effort, pain and even loneliness to reach an infinite stage of responsibility in life, but in this stage it’s easy, and manly it’s those with infinite-responsibility that mainly take care of these people in this group.

The fun part is that even though some people are in this second group, they cannot even handle themselves; they probably fall into Zero-Responsibility baby group.

Real responsibility is infinite responsibility. Man’s responsibility is partial (limited) responsibility.  And being the Boss of your life means taking up the infinite responsibility, many people are still not boss of their own life, that’s why they call others boss, others even add on the word boss to bosses when actually the boss their taking about is just alone. The future belongs to entrepreneurs because they take infinite responsibility, well a little said about employees because it’s personal or Zero-Responsibility that’s where they fit. Here is the third meaning of a problem?

O = Organization of Opportunities: Every problem that comes in your life or happens in your life is a sigh that their some disorganization of opportunities somewhere that needs to be organized, whether sickness, business failure, or relationship problems; it’s a sigh that you need to an evaluation of your either your life, relationship or business life and find out where the root cause of the problem came from and fix it. Organization means order, and order means everything is at its perfect place. Everything works best with its perfect system and perfect place.

So when someone faces a problem, it’s a sigh that opportunities are out of order and it needs re-organization of those opportunities to get back in order again. Remember if your life has been flowering beautifully and suddenly the flowers start to die, just check. Have you forgotten to water the roots or remove weeds around your flower?

Order is the first Law of heaven (Kingdom of God) within you, that’s our birth right. Therefore problems are opportunities awakening you that my life needs to be in order.

B = Brave: Problems are there to make you become brave. Brave people are bold people, and it’s not the smart people that make it in this world; but the bold ones. It takes courage to face problems and progress from them, and only brave ones do progress from problems. For me being brave is the same as being courageous; its takes courage to face, accept and correct problems at hand. Courage is being brave at heart that’s why courage simply means being strong at heart. Be brave enough to see opportunities in problems when they arise.

L = Learn: When you encounter a problem, its high time you must realize it’s high time I must learn something new here, it’s high time you realize that I must listen more and I will earn more later. To learn means “listen” first and “earn” later; when you begin to listen more on what has happened to you and you earn more lessons from that incident. To learn more also means to meditate on what has happened; to meditate means to search for answers within you that caused that incident to happened, and all answers within ourselves for any problem we face.

E = Expect The Best: Expect the best in and out of every situation that happens in your life. You get what you expect in life. If you expect something unwell to happen to you, sure it will happen to you, and if you expect something well will happen to you, it will happen to you. You create your own experience in life; and get this point; expectance is the law of life; so expect the best with your life in whatever situation you find yourself in. We attract and get what we expect in life.

M = Motere: The word Motere comes from Latin root meaning “To Move”. Life is both sides, good happens, and bad happens, its life. Move on with your life don’t stay stuck in the past; life is a process, learn and move on. Life goes on.

Some problems are not easy to face or solve when they arise, but running away or ignoring such problems is not a solution; the only solution is to face them and find a way to solve them. Remember that problems measure how far your success will reach with your life; and solving big problems faced is a sure way to become a big success in life. No greatness comes easy, it comes with great challenges, ideas and sacrifice; and it’s your problem as defined to pick up that problem to empower yourself from it. Problems can make you smarter. Problems can also make you poorer. It’s your choice which side you will go for, optimism or pessimism as it has been said “A pessimist sees a difficult in problems, and optimist sees opportunities in problems”.