School certificate is not an asset. It’s just a ticket to qualify you to become an employee for the rich people.

A job is not an asset. You cannot own a job. You cannot pass your job on to your kids. In fact your job is not your job, it’s the employers.

Money is not an asset. Today, money is debt and is rapidly being devalued with more national debts.

Your house is not an asset. You are the asset. Every month, home owners send money to the bank, tax department, insurance, and electricity (utility) companies.

Your retirement plan is not an asset. It is an unfunded liability. Your retirement saving go to the rich who use your money to acquire their assets, real assets. Your retirement makes the rich get richer.

Not even your car is an asset. You send money to the car repairs, insurance, gas companies and spear parts.

Without financial education people, students are trained to become victims of capitalism, sending their money, time, wealthy to make the rich get richer. Invest in your financial education and you give your birth right abundance back to yourself; we are all born rich but school makes us poor simply because there is no financial education in our school system including our religion systems too, and it’s a planned thing, it did not just happen. Begin here to invest in yourself with financial education.