Are you single? Is your singleness bringing you in your pocket money, I don’t care whether it’s a 1 or 2 dollars a day or days. If you are single and your singleness is not bringing you money opportunities, get serious with your singleness. Am not saying that if you are a lady, then it’s high time you become a gold-digger of men’s pockets or a prostitute to sale your body for money, that’s safe causing slavery on yourself.

Or if you are a young man, you become a Robin Hood thief on the street, No! Their so many good ways of making money in this world, you just only have to develop an opportunistic mindset, more especially an entrepreneur mindset.

Moreover, it’s not just about money only, it’s about if your singleness is empowering yourself everyday that comes. My singleness drives me to empower myself with new knowledge, write a new article, write and edit my book project am working, meet new people and make new friends etc. Sometimes I refer being single as being in solitude, meaning with my spirituality and my source being. Some people when their single their lonely, and loneliness means inner emptiness and solitude means inner fulfillment.

Most people only appreciate the value found in being single after there already married, have kids already, that’s why you find some married men and women keep on snicking out to enjoy life like a single person simply because they never appreciated the value of being single when they were still single. Singleness also means freedom, but only those who take advantage of it can only understand such.

Why Being Single Is A Business Opportunity?

  • You have no one to worry about even if you lose money from your business, it’s an easy lesson to carry and move forward than when you are married and your business fails when your family even depended on that business.
  • If your parents keep you, that’s a great opportunity to start your own business; you are paying no bills, no food, and sleeping freely, that’s the time to build your own business. Even if your business failed, you will eat and sleep freely. If you stay in an apartment single, this is the right time to start your own business. Capitalize on your singleness; in short being single business capital.
  • It’s the best opportunity to build your social network group; today manly jobs, money making opportunities, dating or marrying that crash you are after, are found in social networking. If you single they is no restriction to this social networking; you can go to a bar or night club meet new people, sports meetings, club meetings, church meetings, travel the outside your country and meet new cultures and races; maybe date a girl or guy of a different race or culture while making business opportunities. I also make some money today for my basic needs like internet, talk time, partying, buying books, dating, transport etc through social networking business with friends, friend’s friends through introduction, maybe they have a business or I have a business opportunity. Even business done on Facebook or Twitter is a social network business.
  • It’s a best time to build your talents, your passion, doing what you love and build a business around it and make money; and not worry like so many married people who are stuck at the jobs they hate, but just hiding in the name of who’s going to pay the bills, take care of my family if I had to quit my job and begin from the scratch to build my talents. Tell you it takes time, years to build and perfect your own God given talents or gifts; and that’s what scars most people who are married. Most the best time to nourish your talents is when you are single and young. Remember that “if you are not doing what you love. You are wasting your time”.
  • And the problem is most people who are single but are not seeing the value found in singleness is they don’t know what it means to be an adult, to struggle financially when you have a family at hand. When you are single, it’s a best time to become financially educated and build business assets that will free you from financial struggle when you become an adult and a family along side.

Listen and watch the song by the famous ‘Let her go’ singer Passenger “When we were young”. And leave a comment below..!