With an employee-mindset, you can never be above your employer or own of the company. How? You are not an employer and you are not the owner of the company.

These words are what are very important to remember when you are working at a job especially in this technological age where you can be replaced by a machine, said by Barbara Ehrenreich that, “Employers have gone away from the idea that an employee is a long-term asset to the company, someone to be nurtured and developed, to a new notion that they are disposable.”

Remember that if you are an employee, you can be replaced, that is just simple as that. It’s as what Lily Tomlin said, “The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.”

Things are changing each minute and we must learn to change and prepare for anything can happen. We must be away that today job-security is a joke, just a technique to blind and manipulate an employee’s mind. Also as an employee today asking for a raise can be a threatening move simply because you might get yourself fired and there a lot of people out there on the market place with chains of degrees and masters willing to take the job you want a raise about for half that salary the company is offering you.

And also remember there is no medical care for these jobs today, it’s your own responsibility when your child, family or yourself when you get sick to pay all your medical bills, not your company, and medical expenses are faster becoming more expensive and expensive simply that most people won’t be managing to take care of their own health were we are going. If it’s of you in the government who claim to not pay medical bills, you pay your medical bills indirectly through your taxed paycheck whether you are sick or not every month.

If you are in the government, at list start a part-time business. The government is broke today, pensionable money account is out of stock and most government workers will be retiring without money, and this indicates that most pensioners won’t stop working into their old age. How can you retire from a job with money that won’t even sustain you for a 5 year period? With this inflation. My brother retired from a Zambia National Breweries Company, but today is back working again in his 50s, he will clocking 60.

It’s high time we have to broaden our minds and our future, its high we took control of our life, future and financial life. The governments will continual making most of our lives miserable especially our financial lives if we depend on it. And remember this, the government is not going to change, you have to change your life. Wish you all the best wherever you are.