Entrepreneurs, employers have taken advantage of technology, what of you who is an employee for an entrepreneur?

We are no longer in the industrial age job period, we are in the technological period were technology is doing more than 60% of our work in all areas of our lives, but still school has continued to train more people to become employees (slaves) instead of entrepreneurs, leverages of technology. Technology has advantages on the entrepreneur side and disadvantages on the employee side;

Technology increases business productivity with less effort, time, money and employees for business owners. Technology is leverage for business-owners and average for employees. Machines are producing more production with less money, and that’s the kind of leverage are seeking. Less effort, money and time input but more output production made. That’s why entrepreneurs have taken advantage of technology.  

Technological labor, robotic labour is increasing and rapidly replacing human labor and this is becoming a burden to those in the employee world. Robotic labour is among the cause low wages among, fewer jobs meaning causing unemployment to go through the roof like no man’s business. The problem is also our school-system, its busy training more students to become employees when robots are rapidly replacing human labour on the market place. This is what is causing high rise of unemployment globally.

Therefore, technology reduces the number of workers needed to run a business or company. Technology makes life hard for employees, but makes life easy for business owners because production goes up, labor costs go down, and they win.

Take advantage of technology, it’s the new money in this new generation. Leave a comment below.