Banks don’t want your money. Bankers don’t want savers money; that’s the reason why the charge you for taking care of your own money.

So what banks do with savers money is to loan it to the rich people, business owners or investors who are consistently using money rather money lying in the bank dormant as the saver keeps it. Banks loan money to the rich people at lower pay back rate; but if it’s an employee getting a loan, their given at a higher pay back rate.  

“Money was meant to be used, not be stored”

Investors borrow the savers money and use it to invest in investments, businesses, build businesses that create jobs, buy assets, create assets that bring in cash flow income, buy businesses that serve more people, drive the economy up, make the world a better world and benefits the investor more; and that’s a type of a person a bank wants, someone who uses money and not just storing money. The bank can print their own money, so why should they need your money? That’s why the bank charges you for saving your own money simply because your savings is a liability to the bank and debt is an asset to the bank, that’s why banks loan your money, because debt makes your banker rich and your savings makes your banker poor.

Rich people are always moving their money to create, buy and build businesses and investments that create cash flow income. That’s why you hear that rich people don’t save money, they invest money. Poor people pack their money in the bank.

“Debt makes the rich richer. Debt makes the poor poorer”
– Robert Kiyosaki,
Author: Rich Dad Poor Dad