It’s believed that most people, if not all, make plans as they start a new year. No sane person would make a awful and degrading plan himself or herself. This goes to show that we all make good plans and set good goes for ourselves.


Having talked about plans, especially as we are entering into 2018, we realize that planning is not the problems, but implementation. We make good plans, but they are just that, good plans. We don’t implement our good plans so as to better our lives.


We make good plans, want to implement them but two months down the year we automatically find ourselves not implementing our plans, why?
This is because we haven’t worked on our habits to align them with our plans. We consciously make our plans but our habits automatically implement them. This means that if your habits are not aligned with your plans, you can’t implement them.


I Clance Musonda Chilufya have observed that we fail not because we don’t plan, but because we don’t implement our plans. I am, therefore, urging you my good friends and family not to emphasize too much on planning in 2018 but rather to begin to implement those good plans you have.


We have goods plans but our habits are bad. For 2018, let us move more towards formulating our habits to align them with our positive aspirations. Planning doesn’t change our lives, implementation does.