Most of our pressures are self inflicted because we say yes to almost anything.We agree to bare other people’s burdens simply because we think its offensive to turn them down by saying, no.

If only we could learn the power of saying “NO” and use it, we would enjoy life more.

“No” gives us breathing space. It gives us freedom, independence, choice, and power to control our own destiny and the destiny of the people that matter most in our lives.

We can only enjoy life more if only we could start saying, “NO.” This is because most of the troubles we face, 90%, are not our own but for other people. So if we could cut of these problems we are going to remain with enough of our own problems to handle. Besides, no matter how hard we try, we will never be able to carry enough of other people’s burdens so why even bother to carry them in the first place?

Adding other people’s problems to our own does not only make the burden unbearable but it is so overwhelming. It’s a load that will only end up breaking us.

Let the next time you bare another person’s burden be out of your own choice, and not because you couldn’t gather enough courage to say, “NO.”