I used to be lazy. Played my video games.

Quitting or getting fired. I had no shame.
Then I noticed I was sad. And I had to change.
So I read some books. I turned the page.
A couple books a week. It was a game.
I grew ambition. The stories & lessons were good.
“I could be a boy who makes it out the hood!”
No more excuses. I had to pay a price.
I set a 10 year goal. It felt so right.
It made me work. It made me sweat.
It helped me to cancel all my debts.
I felt so good—and I made a difference.
My goals helped me to build my persistence.
Write your goals down—write them all on paper.
Set them very high. You’ll thank me later.
To build your work ethic. You need a purpose.
As people see you, they’ll look beyond the surface.