95% of the world will never be rich. The system is built to keep it this way.The government does not want everyone to be wealthy otherwise the whole system will crash. When you don’t understand money, someone can take advantage of that. You get taxed heavily,you spend your money in the wrong ways and you are clueless on how to build wealth through investment.

So how do you get into the top 5% then?

  1. Don’t Do What The Rest of The Country Does.

    If you do what everyone else does then you will end up where they end up too. You have to learn what the 5% are doing to be able to position yourself in that group. Don’t cry saying … awwwww they are so lucky and are given wealth, go out and learn and EARN IT.

2. Get The Right Education

  • Getting more degrees or higher education will not propel you into the 5% category.  The education you want is what the 5% are doing and implementing. The key word is “Implementing”.
  1. Become a Business Owner and Get Good At it 97% of The 5% Earners Are Business Owners.

  • It’s a tough road to follow but it produces more millionaires than that of the employed millionaires. Learn how to build your own business and grow it huge. You can then sell it or earn through it.
  1. Stop Thinking Like The 95%

    I get thousands of comments on this page from angry, venomous, small minded people who spew out negative stupid comments to try and dissuade you from becoming successful. They don’t want success and they don’t want you to succeed either. If you hang with them, you become them.

  2. Feed The Ambition

    Go out and drive sports cars, look at expensive houses, watch travel shows and set goals to go there. Stimulate the desire to have more. If you never want more you will stay as you are if not slide backwards.

  3. Get Excited

    Be excited about growth, a new vision, new goals, new ideas and allow it to infect your enthusiasm. It’s enthusiasm that gets me out of bed every day. I’m excited about what I do and thus love my day every day!