I knew I had potential, but I had to change my ways.

It took me a while, but I faced my toughest days.

Then I learned to change, it really wasn’t hard.

One thing I learned is that you’ve got to take charge.

Find out what you love to do and do it every day.

Do it for the Passion. Do it without pay.

Serve the people. Give them what they need.

Go for it all and you will start to succeed.

To reach your full potential, you need to have the skills.

Do more than you’re paid, and you’ll be able to pay the bills.

Don’t worry about the haters or critics, soon they’ll be gone.

In due time, you’ll rise in your industry and be number one.

Never give up, do whatever it takes.

Finish until the end and don’t worry about mistakes.

Always give back and teach others the truth.

Live up to your potential so others can have the proof!