I believe Africa in general, or my country Zambia in particular can learn from the Chinese development model and move away from our current poverty creation model! I picked up an investors thoughts on why He believes China will surpass USA in artificial intelligence:

  1. China is producing armies of engineers eager to go into AI. How many engineers does Zambia produce and what do they do with their knowledge?
  2. China has a “the hungriest and hardest working” entrepreneurs with ready access to capital. Many Zambian entrepreneurs are lazy, are not hungry for massive success, content with the status quo. Capital for entrepreneurs is almost non-existent!
  3. China has vast amounts of data and “data is the fuel of AI.” Does Zambia have vast amounts of data, is it accurate, can it be turned into value?
  4. China has strong and effective support from the government. There is a belief that unless you are politically connected, our Government isn’t interested in your successes!

The four statements from the investor tell you why we are where We are today.