When it comes to employee expansion, all they do is to look for a high paying second job, or going back to school, get a Masters Degree or advance their MBA so that they can get promoted or get a salary increment. This is what they were taught in school as the only way to expand their lifestyle or income. The fact is that you can only do what you have learn’t or been taught, and this is what they do as taught from school and their poor – middle class homes.

Such people with job-mentality cannot go beyond what they have not been taught, so it is with parents who believe in job world end up teaching and advising their children to go to school, get good grades and find a safe secure high paying job, and your job will take care of you as the only way to a successful life. That’s the only thing they know, were taught and have believed as the only truth. Truth is what you accept and believe your own self.

That’s why so many people have been caught in this same old job industrial age ideal cycle that has been passed down into the minds of their children born in this information age period that children have believed as there reality too, as a way of life, as the only way to make a living.

Where you are today is the subconscious combination of the beliefs you were taught, you believed at home, school, and religion. If your father or mother had a job definitely maybe you have a job too today or you are in process to have a job or become an employee. Parents only teach their children what they know, have known and were taught too.

Point: We are no longer in the 20th century, what worked yesterday is not a guarantee that it will work today or tomorrow. We must learn to adapt to change when it comes as this technological age has come, when industrial age passed away. What parents should be teaching their children today in this technological generation is to expand from employee to employer, from seeking job to creating jobs, and to expand from self employed to business owner and professional investor. Things have changed, are changing and we have to be changing too. Humans cannot move forward until they let go of old, obsolete ideas.