Even if you’re stuck, you can still see the Earth.

Close your eyes & imagine where you want to go first.

Think about that place. See it in your mind.

Feel the air you breathe until you cannot feel your spine.

Experience all the people, give them each a hug.

Never think about negatives, like facing the cold or flying bugs.

See the perfect world, access your imagination.

Picture the food you eat given with perfect explanation.

Know that you have the money and that you’re on the flight.

Forget the cost of it all, just pick the place that’s right.

Then look at the map. Put your finger on the place.

Affirm, “I’m going here!” And do it with deep faith.

Do the research online. Look at the hotels.

See yourself in that place, talking with locals.

When the time is right, take the time to fly.

For a week or two, tell your home goodbye.