“The best way of defining what a vision is, is to look at a rich blind man” – Renox Mutondo
“Don’t let your future becomes the ancient days. And never your ancient days become your future” – Renox Mutondo
“You are not poor because of lack of money, you are poor because you think you are that” – Renox
“If you think it doesn’t matter where you come from, then it is not also important to know about where you are going. Your background is your empowerment in all what you can do. You have to look at your source of you, because that’s when you can combine your past + present= GREAT results. You have to be motivated and inspired by your background. When you stop look at how you were born, how you were also born in that family, you stop thinking about changing something about your family and yourself, and you lose motivation. Yes, you have to press, but your past is there’s to give you a great understanding of how well your journey must end, but selective and think positively what you have to recall so that they don’t torment you” – Renox Mutondo
“What you see is not as important as what you should see” – Renox Mutondo
“When something is not alright. There’s also something in that same situation which is okay. So to survive, fix your mind on what is well” – Renox Mutondo
“The best way to change your life on the social media is to read what is good for your life not for you, because you may think what you are reading is necessarily for both of you; yourself and life, not to your knowledge that it is just your need, life doesn’t need it” – Renox Mutondo
“A lot of choices that people make they accelerate them to hell. And because of that over speeding of their choices like a moving car, they don’t see anything about themselves because they are lost in what they are looking for. But the good decisions we make, work for us slowly to success but the destination is good” – Renox Mutondo
“A good choice holds you softly by your hand to the way to success, but a bad choice drags you by your leg” – Renox Mutondo
In education there’s no realization. Realization does not come to the fans of education. The worse thing is that no realization no future ahead” – Renox Mutondo
“When a successful man fails to recognize a failure, it is either he has gone beyond being worse or maybe, just maybe, he has improved. On improvement, it very difficult to see than the beyond the repair” – Renox Mutondo
“Don’t sit with a failure because that’s not where the money is. Sit with a successful man who has taken his money” – Renox Mutondo
“Education without a vision is still being educated. You can’t claim to be educated just because you know how to read and write, what is so important about reading and writing when you are reading the terrible things you have caused, and writing the death record of the people who have perished from your lack of a vision?” – Renox Mutondo
“The best way of running the race is not by using the legs, but using the mind against time. Run your race with your mind” – Renox Motondo
“There are only two things that solves poverty; understanding the principles of money and your characters. Most of the people went to school, became highly educated and they possessed money, but in the end they live in poverty again. So what is this now?” – Renox Mutondo