It’s not everyone who answers ‘present!’ in class during the marking of the class register passes the tests and exams. Some of the you can even answer for them that they are absent, yet they pass meanwhile you fail though you used to attend the lessons daily. It is also not every graduate with Cs fails to make it in life. Why? Because life has different and toughest exams you could ever think of. Life has the different rules and principles that don’t exist in schools. Some of you have 66666666 almost in all the subjects at G12. Talk of college you graduated with a credit. Some of you had to rewrite some of the subjects more than 3 years. But let’s see how you are living; very excellent.

My sister or brother, what you got in school has no power than what you AIM AT. Content can be very difficult for you, but how you can understand how life works can be easier than those who were beating you in school. Who is operating life using school rules and principles will always be below someone who has an understanding of how things work. Have you never noticed in life that most of the good people are poor? Why because money doesn’t care how good you are or the grades you have. Money has its own principles that even most accountants don’t know, and that’s they borrow money from you or from their banks regardless of the good grades they have. I urge you my dear friend, don’t look at the bad Grade you have, look at what God has for you. Step into his strategic plan he has for you and understand how money works and how your life can do awesome things. In five years or less, something good about you will start squaring up.

God doesn’t have so much interest in education because they have neglected him who is a key to success because the educators of today are saying education is a key to success. This is leading to have highly educated people, but fools for lacking wisdom. If you find what a professor is saying very crazy. Stop saying education is a key to your success, start saying ‘God’; you are my key to my locked doors.