In life, you can only teach what you know, and that’s the only thing a parent can teach their child too. If a parent is rich, they will surely teach the child to become rich too. If the parent is poor or middle class, same with the child too. If the parent is school minded, the child becomes school minded too, and school is the key to success is a gate way belief for the poor and middle class group; unless otherwise the parent or child changes their mindset along the way.

The problem is that our industrial age 20th century school-system way of training student cannot function effective in this 21st century as did in the industrial age. The system has become obsolete, but school is still using the same system of the past world when we are in the new world. The industrial age school-system was an employee creating system; but school has not adapted to this technological entrepreneur creating system yet; and the challenge today is that many older parents are still passing on their old industrial age employee mentality to their children born in the technological generation.

“You cannot progress in the new world by living the old world”
– Maradona Chalwe

The school-system is not just obsolete, but it’s also corrupt too. This old system has been passed down from industrial age to the technological age without questioning if the system is effective today. School-system is an employee manufacturing factory, and if we don’t question the school-system, we will never break this cycle of passing down this employee entitlement mentality of depending on a paycheck, pension and the government to take of our lives instead of taking care of our own lives.  

And this life dependence on others, on a job and the government passed down by our industrial age parents and school into this technological age is what is contributing also to this high level of global unemployment, and with these disappearing of jobs and companies every day, we will never overcome this high rise of unemployment problem, and this unemployment problem is what is also contributing to more poverty, crimes, sickness and prostitution in our societies simply because our school-system has still continued in this technological era to train students to become employees who are cared for by an employer instead of entrepreneurs and investors who are able to take care of themselves and other people too.  

Today, in this generation and to come too, we need more entrepreneurs and investors who think and have the gut to use what they have; in fact we already have more than enough employees on the market place, mainly those who are being thought for by broke and poor parents and politicians. We need more of people who have the gut to use what they already have, not more people who are just waiting for someone else to give them a job or tell them what to do for their lives.

The school system needs to train student to think, question, rather just being taught to follow instructions and ideas of get a job and the job will take care of you, this is an obsolete advice. “Don’t just teach your children to read teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything” said George Carlin, American Stand-up Comedian, Actor, Author, and Social critic, 1937 -2008.

Your Child’s Life Is Not Your Life 

The other problem often with majority of poor and middle class parents is that they want their children to live the life they live, the life they believe into and a must their child should also live that life. As a parent your life is not your children’s life. And today many children are going through the life of their old parents or grandparents when actually we are in the new world. For sure “Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them” said Lady Bird Johnson.

As for a parent think for your life and expand your life, encourage your child to live their own life, not your life. What worked for you is not a guarantee that it will work for your child’s life, your child is not you and you are not your child.