“I wish we questioned the aid model as much as we are questioning the capitalism model. Sometimes the most generous you can do just say no”
– Dambisa Moyo
“What is clear is that democracy is not the prerequisite for economical growth that aid proponents maintain.On the contrary ,it is for democracy ;and the other thing economic
growth does not need is aid” – Dambisa Moyo
“Just because we cant see how new technologies will create more jobs ,doesn’t
mean that they wont create new jobs” – Dambisa Moyo
“The trouble with the aid -dependency model is ,of course,that Africa is fundamentally kept in its perpetual child like state” – Dambisa Moyo
“If you think about the last 50 years ,Africa’s proximity and historical context has absolutely been with  Europe and United States ,but their  approach  in Africa faces in particular has been one of handing  out aid ,not developing economies ,not building  along term relationship around agriculture and so on” – Dambisa Moyo
“The World Bank can only survive if its spending money”
– Dambisa Moyo
“The fact that China  has about 7% arable land ,means that shes always going to be looking for places that have more arable lands to finance or to  provide food stuff  “
– Dambisa Moyo
“There are tons of examples of UK and European mistakes .A classic one is pensions .Thats obviously not an America-specific thing .The British and the European economies are suffering under the weight of what is ti come .The next great  ponzi scheme after madoff is probably pensions” – Dambisa Moyo