1. No Growth (Low Growth)

If you’re in a job that doesn’t promote personal or professional improvement, you might want to move on. Look for lessons, not leisure.

2. Overworked

Your job shouldn’t be taking a toll on your mind, spirit, and body. If it is, you might want to reconsider employment. Do work that energizes you, not work that enervates you.

3. Unfulfilled

Do you feel like you are making a real impact on your job? Its easy to feel abused, unworthy, and unfulfilled if you’re doing a job without seeing visable results.

4. Low Income

If you believe your income is far below the value that you bring to the organization, its time to find an employer who will pay you what you’re worth.

5. Under Challenged

If you believe that your value is more that what you can accomplish on the job, it’s time to move on to the next one. Find a job that will help you maintain a certain level of challenge!

6. Broken Promises

Many employees feel obligated to stay at their jobs believing to stay at their jobs believing that ‘one day’ they’ll get what they deserve. If it doesn’t happen as recently as you wanted, it probably won’t happen anytime soon.

7. Distance

If you love your job, but face an undersirable commute, it will take a toll on your soul. If you can’t find a way to move closer, find a new job!.