But must be put into action to get what you want. Today knowledge is money, knowledge is wealthy, knowledge is healthy, knowledge is a job, knowledge is love, but matters most the kind of knowledge you seek, learn, receive and accept in your mind.
Remember that you become the advice you seek, you become the knowledge you accept in your mind, and that is what become your everyday lifestyles. I am what am doing today because of the knowledge possessed in my mind, if it’s the knowledge of success possessed in my mind, am working on success activities or activities that will lead to a successful lifestyle; but if my mind is possessed of unsuccessful knowledge, today am working on failure activities or activities that will lead me to a poor lifestyle.
Also some people possess knowledge of fear, that’s why all what they do leads to a failure lifestyle. Right knowledge leads to success; poor knowledge leads to poverty.
What kind of knowledge is possessed in your mind? Evaluate your mind? You are what you possess most in your mind.