I never knew before that taxes existed because the governments need people who know how to create jobs and create excess capital that can be invested in projects of interest to the government such as housing, until I read a book by Robert T. kiyosaki ‘Unfair Advantage’ were Tom Wheel Wright tax advisor for Rich Dad Education and author of “Tax-Free Wealth; how to build massive wealth by permanently lowering your taxes”,

He explained that;

  • “Taxes are part of life. The simple question is whatever you are going to use the tax law to make them a smaller part of your life, or do nothing and let them stay a huge expense. With a sound education on how the tax laws work coupled with better tax planning from a competent tax advisor who understands the laws, most entrepreneurs and investors can permanently reduce their taxes by 10 percent to 40 percent. And the money you save in taxes can be used to invest and build your wealth. So don’t wait. Take action now and learn how you can reduce your taxes.”

That’s why the entrepreneurs who create more jobs for more people are given tax breaks, simply because these are the people that the government want because who help to drive and improve the economy of the country forward. That’s why entrepreneurs who create jobs are the cousin of the government.