Photo: Taken In 2011, Entrepreneurship & Personal Development Training

With this economic money crises happening often, world countries are experiencing every after then, each country needs more entrepreneurs who know how to use money wisely not only more employees who only know how to work for money.

A lot of employees globally don’t know how to use money wisely, that’s the reason the world has billions of employees and millions of entrepreneurs, simply because employees only use money to eat and feed their needs while the entrepreneurs use money to build businesses, and investments that feed the country, create jobs and other more opportunities for its countries people and the world too.

Real entrepreneurs serve the world and its country while employees serve themselves and their families only; the one who serves more gets and haves more. Real entrepreneur understand that the world is one big family and it’s my responsibility to serve my family for better or for worse. Entrepreneurs make the economy of the country go round, not the governments; governments often make the economy of the countries static. Your country needs you to become an entrepreneur.