My friend Dr. Lawrence Mukuka, author and social research scientist came up with his own finding research on mankind mental maturity, that “A person from 1 – 30 years old is in childhood (infant) stage, 30 – 60 years is adolescence stage, 60 – 90 years is youth stage and 90 – 120 years is adulthood stage”, well, maybe that’s why many people live their lives depending on others, on their jobs, on the government up until sixty five years, simply because there are still young person’s mentally and emotionally, still having a child depending on the parent mentality.

“Most people their parent is still a job and a government”
– Maradona Chalwe

Moreover, it does not mean that when a person marries, haves children, has a job and a house, that means he or she is matured, no; even fools marry and get to have children, a job, house, some money, etc. Moreover too, every day I often meet grownups who act or do things as if they are still children, they complain and blame others for their mistakes, run away from the real responsibilities and always blaming the their jobs, employers or the government for living their own unhappy lives. And also, not even having excellent grades in school makes you a mature person. They are some kids who are adults and adults who are childish in our societies.

Maturity comes by taking full responsibility and control of our own thoughts, attitude, actions and circumstances in every angle of our lives that happens around us and within us, and constantly empowering ourselves and things we are capable of changing each day that comes. Maturity is earned, it’s not something that come by age or years, or school degrees, no; you have to pay the price to become that mature. And that maturity you will have will depend on the price you will pay to become that maturity; pay less, you have less; pay none, you have none.   

Unmature or immature people are very easy to detect, just to mention a few detecting symptoms; they blame, complain, making excuses, are selfish, procrastinators, have a disempowering mindset, are jealousy and envy, think their life is owned by someone out there (aka Government or Job), blame others for their own mistakes, fault finders, comfortable lifestylelars and small thinkers etc. Be aware and careful of such people around you and within you; they will always make you live an immature person.

Lastly, the surprising finding is that if you become fully responsible of your own life, you will become responsible for others lives too, and that’s what defines a mature person. Responsibility means to love yourself in order to love others too. Are you responsible for others lives? If yes, then you love yourself. Responsibility is the price to pay that roots maturity in an individual. Pay the price.