Business is not something you do on the side. Building a company cannot be a side job.

Many people think they can build a company while they are doing other things, e.g, working a day job. Building a business requires sacrifice, you have to give up a lot of things, you have to lose something in order to gain something. It is hard to build a successful business; it must be taken seriously as a full time job. You have to drop whatever you are doing and put all your energies in creating your dream company.

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Building a company requires 24hrs of your time; you have to breath, think, eat, sleep and dream your business. With building a great company you got to go in all or not go in at all because you cannot create a successful business by making it a side job.

Am speaking from experience, am married to my business , I sleep thinking of it, I dream it I wake up thinking of, its it has become my responsibility it’s like growing a child you have to be there day and night taking care of it.