Imagine perfection in your life! I know of a man who earnestly wanted childrenfor at least a decade. He was in his mid-30’s and had been trying with his wife, but had no success.

Eventually, he bought a 6-bedroom house that was way too big for him and his wife. However, he placed young photos of his wife and him to resemble his future children (assuming they would look like him).

He also took 30 minutes each day to walk to each bedroom and tell his ‘imaginary children’ to clean-up, do house chores, and go to bed. What were his results? After 6 months, his wife conceived a child.

He now has 5 children and could go even further if he wanted to. This is the power of acting on your visions and making your dreams a reality.

Sometimes, you have to be ‘delusional’ in some way to reach your highest goals. You must see it before it becomes a reality.