You are not here to give the world a cheap life, cheap dreams, cheap achievements and a life of being controlled by others; this is a life for people who are and wanting to live a chicken-coop (average) lifestyle. You are here to give the world a great life, great dreams, great achievements and this is a life of being in control of your life, a life outside a chicken coop that so many people prefer living in. Life is not cheap though most people make themselves live a cheap life.

For example in the book ‘rich dad prophecy’ authored by Robert kiyosaki, his rich dad advanced him that, “When your dad advises you to go back to school to get your master’s degree so you can find a better, more secure job, he is talking about security within the chicken coop. Most people think that your dad’s advice is good advice, since most people seek security inside the chicken coop. Most people want a secure job, a steady paycheck, great benefits, and a secure retirement. That is life inside the chicken coop. My advice is for life outside the chicken coop. So you need to choose between the two. When I was thirteen years old, I was forced to face life outside of the coop . . . and I have stayed outside all my life. That is the choice you face today. You need to choose between a life inside the coop or a life outside the coop and believe me, they are not the same.”

Humans on this earth are the only creatures that have the ability, the power, the choice and the guts to choose and change the lifestyle they want to experience, though still most people have given up their powers to a few people to decide for them the life others want them to experience and not the life they want to experience. Only when such people are taught to become fully responsible of their own lives, if not as school-system teaches, they will continue to live a chicken-coop of being taken care of by their jobs, government, employers etc; which is actually a small average minded life.

Letting others control our lives, making decision for our lives is living a chicken-coop lifestyle, which is a small lifestyle. My Longman dictionary defines a ‘Coop’ as “A building for small animals, especially chickens”. A chicken-coop life is also living a life of being told what to do for your life and what to do for others life. It’s also living the life you don’t want when you know it’s the life you don’t want to live; for example most people are in wrong relationships, businesses, careers, and jobs when they know they are in a wrong place but still holding down to that when they are not happy no more; this is chicken-coop life some people are living in.  

There are so many chicken-coop lifestyles, but just to end with these ones common mostly in our environments, that most people are not willing to think, but just willing to job and eat; many people are willing to find a job that will make them survive eat for today and not willing to think about ideas that will make them survive for a sustainable period of years or lifetime.

Chicken coop mentality also means living a selfish lifestyle as said by Oscar Wilde “Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live”, for example if a person is not sharing their talent to their world, that’s being selfish, and the beauty with is that everyone has got a talent, but a few share that talent. That’s why a few people are rich in this world, because only a few people share their talents to their world, and within a talent are riches.