You Can Either Let It Define You

I believe you have heard of people who did something in their past life, and have been known for that past, and are still being defined by that past mistake, position, title, status or lifestyle when it is already past. And the big problem is to let a bad or negative past define you; and most people are defined by a negative past, define themselves by that negative past, that’s why it’s difficult for them to get ahead with their life.

Who you are now is not who you should be 5 years past ago. Your present or future should not equal who were past, and never should you define your present and future life by your negative past life, you are no longer there. Define yourself by a good one.

Destroy You

The problem is that most people let their negative past life or experiences destroys them, for example if they lost money in a business or business deal, they give up their business dream, lose their self confidence, destroys their faith and destroys their trust in other people who do business with them. But if you think about this constructively, you will discover that its life, their crooks in life and good people too; and that does not mean if one crooked person crooked you that means you label everyone who brings you a business deal as crook person, no, people are different and will always be different .

Don’t let a bad day experience label all your business or relationship days ahead of you as all are bad, this is all life, and life is a two way road, its negative and positive, and we are here to experience both. It’s only a bad experience, not bad people or a bad life, as said by my great Actor Johnny Depp that “It is only a bad day, not a bad life” therefore, move on its life.

Never be destroyed by what you will experience either you want it or you don’t, life is a two road, negative and positive; you will continual experiencing such with your life. That’s the way it is and has been, and it’s how you respond to any situation that’s what you will experience in life. Make your life a joy, problems are always out there.     

Let It Strengthen You.

Like I always say, it’s not what happens to you that matters, it’s what you do to what happens to you, that’s what happens to you. It’s how you respond to things that happen to you, is what you get back as your feedback, answers or experiences.

Lesson Here Is;

Lesson #1: You can either let your bad past define you as a bad person or make you to be defined a good person if you learn a good lesson and become that good.

Lesson #2: You can let what happens to you destroys you, destroys your confidence, trust, relationship, business or let it empower your confidence, trust in others and learn to support right people to do business with and be with if you learn a good lesson from that experience.

Lesson #3: You can let anything that happens to you strengthen you or destroy you; as said life is a two way road and it’s a must as you grow and pass through this life you must experience both the negative and positive life; I have found out it’s the way I found it and you probably it’s the way you found it too, but the good thing is that everyone has been given a choice to how to respond to whatever happens to each one of us.

Get this point; if something has to happen, it will happen, you like it or not, it will. So we can either respond to let what happens to us destroy us or empower us; it’s just a matter of choice. Some people make a choice to die, that’s all a right choice for them they make or made.

“Respond is a choice, reacting is a choice and acting is a choice, it will depend on your choice” – Maradona Chalwe