You cannot become successful by having a poor spirit, mindset, culture or environment, but more especially environment, reason being that environment is what conditions us mostly how we think, do, become and share; that is why there are so many rich people in poor environments who are rich but still poor in spirits, rich in dreaming but still poor in mindsets and living poor.

Many people have millions, even billions of all types of money currency dreams but still buy cheap, wear second hand clothes (passing old clothes to their children), buy cheap second hand cars, live below their means, and still living in old cheap houses. And also many people are poor and struggle financially because they think cheap and buy cheap; they value quantity than they value quality, they value being cheap than they value being expensive and value buying cheap than valuing buying expensive. The fact is you can never become successful by valuing unsuccessful ideas, unsuccessful relationships, unsuccessful lifestyles and unsuccessful activities.

Values Are Different

It doesn’t mean that if it is cheap, then it is worth buying, No; true rich people buy quality and value quality. If a product or deal is of quality they will pay the price no matter how it costs as long they get it. Its quality thoughts that make a person rich spiritually and rich in physical life. You cannot get rich by being cheap, by the way who the hell what to be a cheap poor spirited person with lots of money? Definitely not me!

Point: Most people cannot and will not get out of a poor environment because they still think quantity thoughts, and a poor environment is the result of quantity thoughts.

Moreover, the reason why poor people live in poor environments is because they think poor thoughts, the reason why middle class people live in middle class environments is because they think middle class thoughts, and the reason they rich people live in rich environments is because they think rich thoughts.

“Quality thoughts is what makes people rich”

We have many big dreamers, genius, innovative and creative people in poor environments, but because of that poor environment with too much negativity over powers those rich ambitious dreams and are crashed to death. Even though some make it out and win, still for so many are over powered by those by that negative environment. It’s the negative environment crashes dreams and it’s a positive environment that empowers dreams to become successful.    

Two Steps Needed To A Successful Environment

  1. Create A Successful Mindset Environment Within

If one desires or wants success, riches, and health or wealthy, they should change their mindset by beginning to think successful thoughts, think rich, think health thoughts, read books and listen to rich and wealthy ideas. They should first become spiritually and mentally successful as said by the Rich Dad Poor Dad author that “             Before you can transform your wallet from poor to rich, you’ve got to transform your spirit from poor to rich”, their then you will begin to attract people, ideas, and opportunities that will help you go live in a rich environment you desire. As you think so you shall attract and become.

  1. Move To A Rich Environment

Migrate to a rich environment; find a mentor who will help you become your rich environment, associate with rich people, people who want to become rich or successful with their lives too. Learn how to think, do, feel, act and share like those people in that rich environment, and you will become it. Move to where opportunities you want to become are.

“See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It works every time with every person” – Bob Proctor

Environment is stronger than heredity; we are born rich, but a poor environment makes an individual poor. That’s why the thoughts we think mostly about for our lives are influenced by the environment we live in; author of the book Rich Woman Kim Kiyosaki put it clearly that, “We are products of our environments. People and surroundings all influence who we become and how think; surround yourself with people you want to become”.

Point: Your environment is the reflection of your thoughts and people around you, and if you want to change your environment, you have to change your thoughts and the people around you. Think success of your life.