Success always comes with uncommon responsibilities. People want success, want to become successful but don’t want to the responsibility that comes along with success; for that, they would rather stick to the same easy old ways of doing things and lifestyles. For some people like the middle class group they would rather look rich physically than being rich spiritually.

In short majority of people are used to common easy none risk responsibilities, and the reason why I have said so is, the majority of people in this world are not living successful lives. Majority of people in this world are not living the successful lives they desire and dream of, but only living simple lives that every average person is able to afford. Moreover, a good life is expensive, maybe that’s it’s so.

Successful people are successful because they do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do, solve problems that unsuccessful are not willing to solve and accept and take responsibilities that unsuccessful people are willing to accept and take. I love the secret to success philosophy of the billionaire Sheldon Adelson that if you want to achieve your dreams, “Just do things different. Just do things in life the way other people don’t do them.” For sure success is the uncommon road that so few are willing to walk it.

Most friends and some other people I meet either for a drink or a date, actually we often get to have conversations of wanting to become successful, but truth is that most of them don’t really want success at all; reason, they don’t want to do, think and take that responsibility that will make them become successful. Most of them are willing just to do what everyone else is doing even if it does not drive or make everyone successful. It does not mean if everyone is doing that it, that means its right, no; not everyone else is doing leads to success.

For example; people aren’t rich because they have wealth. They have wealth because their rich. Most of us want the results of riches, but not the responsibility that goes along with it. That’s why most people act and pretend to be rich when they have some money, but not taking the responsibility the rich have towards money. The responsibility of riches that comes along with it is what scares most people, and so, they fail to become rich simply because subconsciously they are already afraid of riches.

Responsibility that goes along with success is the responsibility you have to take, posses spiritually, mentally and emotionally, and action it if you desire to become and live successful. “The price of greatness is responsibility” said Winston Churchill.