God wants us to succeed and prosper. He understands what comes from being a failure. The worst thing on earth is being a failure. Because you become jealousy, feel envy, gossip, steal, being a prostitute, unwillingly to thank and praise God. Nothing is free day; education, electricity and water bills etc.

The days of a poor man are full of sins from thinking evil. THE CHURCH must tell you being a failure is to punish your soul. The Bible God will judge both good and evil deeds. He will ask you why you succeed and why you failed. In the parable of the talent, we see a servant who was thrown outside the house where he was gnashing his teeth. Thrown out that is being in hell where the Bible says where people will be gnashing their teeth.

What is essential is having Christ in your life. Remember that from discouraging someone to succeed God will judge you for preaching poor gospel to a poor man.